FarmDuskLocated in the rolling foothills of Virginia, Rocky Hill Farm Beef comes from a collective of several farms in Earlysville and Greene, comprised of 460 total acres. The farms are owned and operated by Mark Roberts and Frank Ballif.  We provide a high-quality product to folks who want tasty grass-fed beef raised on local farms.

Mark Roberts and Frank Ballif met in 2006, at historic Chestnut Grove Baptist church in Earlysville, Virginia. Mark is a 5th generation Virginia farmer.

Mark lives on a 90-acre farm in nearby Greene County with his two daughters. The farm has been in his family on his mother’s side for several generations. He also has a farm nearby of 160 acres.

Frank and his wife Melissa raise their three daughters on their 130-acre cattle farm. The girls already love to work cows, and understand the purpose and structure of a cattle farm. Like Mark, Frank comes from a long line of farmers; his family homesteaded a 600-acre farm in Idaho near the Utah border, and the extended family still farms there today.

Before Frank purchased his farm, it had been in Mark’s family on his father’s side for 2 generations. With the common link of farming and the entwined history of their farms, they naturally became friends. They raise their cattle on their own farms and on an adjacent farm of 80 acres.