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From the first bite, to the last.

Our grass-fed beef speaks for itself. But we also love to hear back from our clients. Leo, a client and neighbor who has helped on the farm shares his love of Rocky Hill Farm and Beef.

Why did you choose Rocky Hill Farm Beef for your grass fed beef?

I always knew grass fed beef was healthy and delicious, but since working on the farm and seeing the beef operation from all aspects, my opinion of Rocky Hill Farm Beef is even higher. Helping Frank and Mark on the farm has shown me just how caring they are about the animals. The are raised as humanely, healthy, and naturally as possible. These are truly happy steers.

What do you like best about Rocky Hill Farm Beef?

Each order gives you variety of cuts and the high quality of this beef shines through from the first to the last bite.

What is your favorite dish to make from Rocky Hill Farm Beef?

Bacon and mushroom stuffed hamburgers on the grill. Or a simply prepared rib eye – the meat really needs nothing more than salt and pepper to accentuate the free range taste of this grass-fed beef.